Our Process

We believe that talent identification and placement is a strategic process with significant implications for the organization. The strength and effectiveness of the process, and the partnership that inevitably develops between our firm and the client, is the key to a successful search. Ultimately, the goal is to identify and place successful candidates who meet or exceed client expectations.

The Search Process

The foundation of our process is understanding the business, culture, strategic mission, business objectives and most important, the specific needs of our client. We are committed to being responsive and flexible in order to complete the assignment in a flawless, thorough, and expedient manner. We want to be known as a firm that completes assignments successfully and has the highest professional standards and unquestionable integrity. Our process is as follows:

Initial Consultation

We begin each assignment with an in-depth analysis of our client’s needs. This includes a thorough understanding of the client’s business objectives and the specifics of the position. We will gain insight as to why prospective candidates should want to work for our client. Our analysis also includes benchmarking compensation with current market conditions. During this stage, we also establish the time line and communication plan for the search.

Candidate Identification and Presentation

At this stage, we engage in an exhaustive research process. We utilize our databases and industry contacts and identify appropriate prospects from a predetermined list of agreed upon target companies. Once it has been determined that a prospect is a viable candidate for this search, a detailed summary of the individual is prepared and presented to the client. This will include our evaluation of the candidate as well as their career history, accomplishments, and compensation information. Immediately following a candidate’s interview with our client, we conduct a complete feedback session with both the candidate and the client to determine how to proceed.

Reference Checks

Early in the process, we will have in-depth confidential conversations with individuals who know the candidate’s technical competencies, management skill and personal attributes.


We can act as the intermediary between the candidate and the client in order to ensure the appropriate employment terms and compensation package.


Our role continues for a time beyond the placement of a candidate. Our ongoing relationship with the candidate and the client allows us to be instrumental in ensuring a successful transition for both.